July 5, 2022


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Meta instead of Facebook? What and when will change for the common user?

As artificial intelligence is becoming dominant, the competition is increasing in today’s business and it is very important to change. Because it is the change that saves your time and makes life easier, this is also necessary because automation is very important in a busy life.

Facebook has been renamed. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the Facebook company will now be known as Meta Platform Inc – ie ‘Meta’. As soon as this announcement was made, the question started arising in the minds of the people whether the name itself is going to change or the work will also change? What’s new now? Is the world about to like, share, comment change? What does the new name mean? And what is going to change for the Indian user with the new name?
Let us answer your questions one by one. But before that, just understand that this is a preparation to connect the virtual world with the real world through Facebook. Think of it as if you are talking to a friend on the Internet who is in another city or country, but you feel as if you are sitting opposite each other.

Would common users say meta instead of Facebook?
Actually, the first name of the social media platform Facebook, launched in 2004, was The Facebook, then the company later changed it to only Facebook … and now its name has become meta. But let us tell you that the name that has been changed is for the parent company. Meaning the name of the Facebook company has changed. Not the rest of the company’s platforms. Meaning the name of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has not changed what you use. Only the name of the company has changed.

Why the name changed?
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says that his company is not just a social media company, but the company is doing many things apart from that. Mark Zuckerberg said during the announcement of the company’s new name,

“We have learned a lot while battling social issues and being together across multiple platforms and now is the time to start a new chapter by experiencing what we have learned.
I am proud to announce that starting today our company is meta. That is our mission. The names of our apps and brands are not changing. Today we are known as a social media company, but by DNA we are a company that develops technology that connects people.
Zuckerberg said that meta comes from the Greek word ‘beyond’. Our company is such that it makes technology to connect people.

What can users expect?

Mark Zuckerberg describes the Metaverse as a “virtual environment” in which you can virtually become involved in what’s going on inside, rather than just watching it on a screen. People can meet, work and play using virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphone apps or other devices. Facebook has taken this step keeping in view the future of the Internet. Means Metaverse is an idea of ​​Facebook related to the future of the Internet, according to which users will be able to work in a virtual universe in the future.