How To increase the size of image

I understand many times you feel getting tired after multiple times uploading your signature and photos but still it doesn’t accept due to restriction of Size and Image ratio here is the simple step means suppose that you have image of 6 KB and want increase this image size more than 20 KB so here is the step given below;

Step1a: Make sure your image file is in “JPG/JPEG” file format.Step1b: Take a duplicate copy of image you wish to increase the size. (Never play with original image). 
Step 2: Right click on your image file and open its Properties. Under ‘General’ Tab make sure that the image file is NOT read-only. If read-only is ON then simple check off the right sign, press Apply and OK button then again open its properties.

Step 3: Click on Details Tab and click on Comments tag to add comment. Type any character(s) and copy-paste it few times (say 100 characters). Press Enter, Click on Apply and OK button.

in detail section enter comments more than 200 character wahtever you require and 6 KB image —->Increased to 222KB Its so easy and sample try it and comment.

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